At CVHCare, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality intermittent health care within a patient’s home setting. “Home” can be anywhere the patient is staying: a friend or relative’s house, an assisted living facility, a board and care, or even a hotel. We are committed to delivering home health services that focus on each patient’s unique and special needs. In cooperation with you, your loved ones and your physician; our skilled home care professionals will formulate an individualized plan of care. At CVHCare ™, our primary goal is to restore patients to optimal health, improve their quality of life, and help them achieve the highest level of independence while reducing the chance of hospital readmission.


Working with CVHCare Healthcare Professionals

CVHCare is a Medicare-certified and Joint Commission Accredited agency. We subscribe to the philosophy that we are guests in your home, and believe in treating you and your family with the utmost respect and dignity. Through quality management, we maintain our commitment to service excellence. It will be our privilege to help you and your family with your healthcare needs. 


When requesting home health services, your primary care physician (PCP) must provide authorization to initiate the care delivery process. After receiving orders from your PCP, a Patient Care Specialist from CVHCare will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to schedule our first home visit. The purpose of the initial assessment by phone is to complete admission paperwork, assess your individual healthcare needs and determine if you meet Medicare home health requirements. A registered nurse, physical or occupational therapist will usually perform the first home healthcare visit. They will evaluate a broad range of physical and clinical factors related to your condition, including medication, caregiver support and your home environment. Based on this initial assessment, you, your physician, your family and the CVHCare team will work together to develop an individualized plan of care.


During each subsequent home visit, CVHCare nurses, physical and occupational therapists will provide treatment and assess how well you are faring while living at home. They will frequently evaluate your safety at home, your diet and disease status, and any improvements in your health. The CVHCare team will then communicate this information to your physician. Visit lengths will vary depending on your health status. Most visits last approximately 30-60 minutes.


A variety of home health professionals may be involved in your care, such as registered nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, medical social workers, home health aides, registered dietitian or occupational therapist. Most often, different members of your clinical team from CVHCare will visit at different times and/or days.


Our patients, their families and caregivers, and their physicians are integral members of the home health team. We welcome active participation in treatment and planning decisions. Patient and family education are also strong components of the care provided at home. You should talk openly and honestly with your visiting clinicians about your needs, expectations and preferences. This information is important in the development of an effective and beneficial relationship with your CVHCare team.


Bilingual Communication

CVHCare is proud to serve a diverse population throughout the Bay Area. We offer quality health care by licensed professionals, and can also tailor our care to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of patients and families. All patients and their families deserve clear and accurate communication about their health conditions and the medical care for these illnesses. If a bilingual clinician is not available, we offer translation services in over 150 languages for patients and family members with limited English proficiency.



Traditional Medicare pays 100% of the cost of home health services. Home health services can also be paid for by commercial insurance, TRICARE, long term care insurance, workers compensation or may be self-paid by the patient. Qualifications for home health paid by private insurance varies by plan and type of insurance.


We welcome your questions, and are always ready to offer high quality home healthcare. 1.877.CVH.AND.U